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You should be doing 150 to 300 minutes of exercise per week, including twice a week strength training.  

Local places to exercise

Some of the commercial places offer free 7 day passes. Your local high school is usually the least expensive option, but the hours can be restrictive.  

Walking: Indoor walking is available at area malls, some high school tracks, Hartland Senior Center, and of course, outside.  For more information on walking...NIH brochure on walking 
Swimming: Excellent for most patients who suffer with chronic pain. There are plenty of inexpensive, friendly pools in the area.  Your lack of confidence in your appearance in a swim suit is NOT a good reason not to swim.  In other words, "just do it"  Many of the local high schools also have a hot tub.  
Yoga:  Classes offered through community education. In addition, Dawn Priebe offers excellent classes in her home in Milford.
Biking:  Wear a helmet.  

Problem specific exercises

Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Tennis elbow - lateral epicondylar pain.  Best exercise is using a rubber device called Flexbar.  A nice video can be found at  
Wrist and hand pain
Low back and hip pain
Knee pain
Ankle and foot pain