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Contemporary Acupuncture for acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain (including neck, low back, hip, shoulder, elbow, ankle, plantar fasciitis, etc), chronic headaches, migraines, GERD, fibromyalgia, arthritis, anxiety related disorders, and other health issues.  

At your first appointment Dr. Hallinen will explore your health concerns and perform a detailed physical exam.  We will explore your diet and exercise program. You will receive an acupuncture session at your first appointment.  Allow at least 90 minutes for your first appointment.  Dr. Hallinen does not double book, but on occasion there may be a few minute wait. 

A common question is how many treatments will be required for a particular condition. As a rule, the longer the problem has existed, the more appointments will be required. However, plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow usually respond within 2 treatments if you follow Dr. Hallinen's instructions. Muscular causes of low back pain usually respond within three treatments, if you do exercises as prescribed.  The healthier your are, the better you will respond. Dr. Hallinen's goal is to teach you how to improve your overall health and learn to manage your pain.


Weight Loss: Many patients are interested in using acupuncture for weight loss.  Acupuncture can be helpful to people who overeat on account of stress, but the data for acupuncture and weight loss is not strong.  It does not magically increase your metabolism or fill your stomach, but it can make you feel much better.  Most people find exercise easier and more rewarding once acupuncture has helped ease their pains.  If you are interested in using acupuncture for weight loss please start a diet and exercise diary now.  There is strong evidence that a diet diary is helpful in weight loss.  There are a number of free programs on the internet that make the process easier. is one such program.  Sparkpeople also has an exercise diary.  My Fitness Pal is a free app that works on an I phone that has bar code scanning.

Hypertension: Dr. Hallinen has the Resperate device in her office. This is a biofeedback device that helps you regulate and slow down your breathing. There is decent evidence that it can reduce BP.  It is also helpful for patients with chronic pain.  If you would like to try it please bring a pair of headphone, or you can use Dr. Hallinen's if you don't mind cleaning them off when you are done.  If you find paced breathing helpful you can do it at home...
Paced breathing software.  Free 30 days program then $20 if you like it.  
If you have an iphone or itouch you can find apps at the apple store for $3-$5. So far my favorite is called Blood Pressure Reducer. It costs $3. 
There is limited evidence that acupuncture alone is an effective treatment for hypertension.  Exercise, weight loss and reduced salt intake have been proven to reduce blood pressure.  There is excellent data supporting the use the of the DASH diet.  To learn more go here.   Patients with hypertension should also check their blood pressure at home and write it down. Dr. Hallinen prefers that patient's consult their primary care physicians for pharmaceutical management of their hypertension.

Headaches: Dr. Hallinen approaches the treatment of chronic headaches from an integrative medicine perspective. There is good evidence that acupuncture can reduce the frequency and intensity of chronic headaches.  It is unlikely that a single session will result in relief.  Most studies had at least 6 weekly treatments. Dr. Hallinen will ask you to keep a headache diary.  The American Headache Society has excellent downloadable diaries.  In addition to acupuncture, Dr. Hallinen encourages thermal biofeedback and possibly herbal medication.

Anxiety/Depression:  Most patients find acupuncture to be extremely relaxing.  With a reduction in chronic pain, many patients feel less depressed.  Dr. Hallinen also encourages daily exercise, proper diet and possible herbal treatments for patients suffering with depression and anxiety.

Smoking Cessation:  The data for using acupuncture to quit smoking isn't fabulous.  There are many people who swear it helped them quit, however, compared to medications and nicotine replacement therapy, acupuncture is not nearly as effective.  If you are seeking acupuncture for other conditions, I have no problem doing a smoking cessation treatment in addition to whatever else you need.  Smoking is obviously a lethal habit, I believe the benefit of medication outweigh the risks and strongly encourage patients to consider maximizing their chances of success.

TinnitusSubjective tinnitus in the perception of sound without any external source. Patients with hearing loss frequently suffer from tinnitus, and treatments are notoriously ineffective. Medications usually do not help.  Reduction of caffeine intake, and other diet manipulations can help, but rarely make a big difference. An interesting therapy, called notched music therapy, has been helpful to many patients. To learn more click here

Exercise:  A physical therapist is a wonderful resource to learn how to care for your body. If you have a recent injury or a chronic problem, a course of PT can do wonders.  Dr. Hallinen frequently suggests an exercise program for her patient. Click here to access helpful information regarding exercise.

Fibromyalgia: A useful site created by University of Michigan can be found at

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