Coke Hill Trail

Group site has access via a rough two track that goes out to H58.  There are what looks like trails leading from group site, but most of them wind up in dead end brush piles. An exception to this is the trail called "coke hill"  It is called coke hill because I left an empty coke can at the top of the hill.  From group camp, go east up the trail that leads to a cute little hill. To get there, you have to fight your way through some raspberry bushes.  Once at the top of the hill you will see a dead horizontal pine tree.  You will be crossing this dead tree and going to the left, you should see a flag to guide you.  You can leave the trail and go to river access spot, or continue on the trail to head towards bottom land at base of hill. When you get near the river, the ground becomes soggy and fragile.  Please walk gently through this area.  The trail does not connect to any other trails...yet.