Clinic Note PDF Form

The form Clinic Note was created with Livecycle. It calculates the age from the birthday and the BMI and kg from pounds and height.  It can be edited to suit your practice in Adobe Livecycle. It can be filled out and printed using adobe reader, or if you want to mark it up and save it as a flattened pdf you can use acrobat.  You can import the pdf into OpenEMR or whatever system you use.

If you don't have access to livecycle, send me an email, and I'll type in your practice name and address and your name(s) and I will email the form to you.  Please don't sell this form, it is to be given for free.

The naked people are from wikipedia.

To download it click the downward pointing arrow next to v.3.    

Thanks for checking it out.  

Diane Hallinen, MD
Diane Hallinen,
Feb 29, 2012, 6:36 PM